Easy 5-steps
Custom Your Dog Products

Create for your customers who wants to Rock your business & design!

Designer's Dog Printed Harness -6-3.JPG

Step 1 - Product Style

Printed Collar.JPG

Custom Dog Collar

Printed Lead.JPG

Custom Dog Leash

Printed Step-In Harness.JPG

Custom Dog Harness

Step 2 - Webbing Strap

Pick a webbing color or send your custom artwork.

Webbing Colors.JPG

Step 3 - Hardware Plated

Pick a plated color that protects hardware from corrosion

Hardware Plated.JPG

Step 4 - Logo

Makes your Brand stands out

Logo - Woven Label Navy.jpg

Woven Label
MOQ 500pcs

Logo - Print Label Brown.jpg

Printed Label
MOQ 500pcs

Logo - Rubber Patch - Front.jpg

MOQ 3,000pcs
Mold Charge required

Step 5 - Package

Will your products display on shelf of pet store, or on online shop?

Vary package types are available, let us know.

Hang Tag - leash package_edited.jpg

Hang Tag
MOQ 500pcs

Back card - elastic cat collar package.jpg

Back Card
MOQ 500pcs

Paper card hanger tab - collar package.jpg
Plastic hanger tab - collar.jpg

Paper Hanger Tab
MOQ 500pcs

Plastic Hanger Tab
MOQ 500pcs

Pet Products Manufacturer China - Kazo Pet.JPG
Pet Products Factory China - Kazo Pet -2.jpg
China International Pet Show Shanghai - Kazo Pet.JPG