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Image by Meredith Petrick


100% Plant-based
Made from Soybean Residue

Why Soy Fiber?

100% Plant-based

Extract protein from natural soybean palnt, best comfort for short-haired dogs & cats.

Soft in hand

It's so called "Vegetable Cashmere", because the look and feel just exactly like Cashmere.

Ecology - 50%

It’s a by-product, collecting residue from soy food production.  Turning waste to fiber.

Even Cats Love It

So soft! ... "That's the first collar my cat doesn't want to scratch it off"

 - Client say.


5401 Nature Collar - Forest Green.png
6401 Nature Lead - Forest Green side.png
6402 Nature Training Leash - Navy.png

Nature Collar

  • 100% plant-based

  • Soft touch

  • Lightweight X-Buckle

7401 Nature X-Harness - Navy-B.png


( S) 2.0 x 30-40cm

(M) 2.0 x 35-50cm

( L ) 2.5 x 40-65cm

Nature Leash

  • D-ring to attach waste bag holder

  • Soft, sustainable webbing


(M) 2.0 x 120cm

( L ) 2.5 x 120cm

Multifunctional Leash

  • Waist leash - for runner

  • Shoulder - handsfree walk

  • Tether 

  • Long & short leash


( L ) 2.5 x 230cm

Nature Harness

  • Easy on and off

  • Avoid ampit rubbing design

  • Highly adjustable for a great fit


( S) 2.0 x 40-50cm

(M) 2.0 x 50-60cm

( L ) 2.5 x 60-80cm

8401 Breakaway Cat Collar - Nature Pumpkin.png
5401 Nature Collar - Colors 1.png

Colors options

  • Pumpkin

  • Burgundy

  • Navy

  • Olive

  • Forest

Quality Standard

Dog Collar Safety Tensile TEST.png

Tensile Strength Test

Method - ASTM D5034-09

Dog body weight x 7 times = Min. strength

(XS)   105 lbs   ( 47 kgs)

(S)     245 lbs  ( 111 kgs)

(M)    350 lbs  (158 kgs)

(L)      560 lbs  (254 kgs)

(XL)  1,050 lbs  (476 kgs)

Collar withstands dog's body weight x 7 times without breaking.

Colorfastness to water

Method - AATCC 107

Min. Class 4.0 (staining)

Colorfastness to crocking

Method - AATCC 116

Dry - Grade 4.0 min.
Wet - Grade 3.5 min.


Water Colorfastness of pet collar, leash, harness_edited.jpg
Hardware Corrosion Salt Spray Test - dog collar, leash, harness manufacturer.jpg

Resistance to Corrosion Test 

Method - ASTM B117-16


Metal hardware sample shall withstand 24 hours in 1% salt spray (fog) with no noticeable oxidation / corrosion / visual changes.

Cat Collar

  • Soft touch

  • No sharp edge

  • Breakaway safety buckle


( S) 1.0 x 15-20cm

(M) 1.0 x 20-30cm



What People Say

★★★★★ So soft!

My cat hates other collars so much.

She tried to lick this collar off for about 2 minutes and then decided to leave it alone.  No doubt this is because how flexible and soft the soy material is. 

This is the first collar she has worn in 3 years, every other collar comes off within 15 minutes.  

I could not be happier with it.

★★★★★ unlike most of the synthetic collars

It’s holding up really well.

The breakaway collar is a nice safety feature in case it gets caught on something, but my cat isn’t able to get it off by scratching his neck.  

I love that it’s a natural product as well. 
The muted red color looks classier than some of the bright synthetic collars.


Certified Partners:
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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Q & A

What's the minimum order quantity

→ 120pcs / SKU (per size per color)​

Where is the product be made

→ Where 19,000,000 tons of soy food be produced every year - China.

Can I do my private label?

→ Yes, both logo and package are customizable.

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