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Q1: Can I have my own logo on the products?
Yes, there are many ways to apply your brand or private label.

Q2: What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

  • solid color product - MOQ 120pcs per SKU

  • other collections - MOQ 240pcs per SKU.


For example, if you choose a harness MOQ 120pcs x 4 colors x 3 sizes, totaling 1,440 pcs harnesses.

Q3: Can you customize the style?
Please feel free to send a sample or image for initial discussion, and we can customize the style according to your preferences.

Q4: Do you accept dropshipping orders?
No, we only accept bulk orders. By consolidating everything into a single shipment, we can provide you with maximum margins.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have.


Kazo Pets International Co., Ltd.

491-6, Sec. 2, Chung San Road, Huatan

Changhua 50353, Taiwan

Mon - Friday 09:00 - 18:00


Nantong Qian Yong Craft Articles Co., Ltd.
No.5, Xinou Rd., Yudong, Haimen, Nantong
Jiangsu, 226146 China

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HQ & Factory
Kazo Pets Intl. Co., Ltd
491-6, Sec. 2, ChungSan Rd., Huatan,
Changhua 50353, Taiwan

​Nantong Qian Yong Craft Articles Co., Ltd.

5, Xinou Rd., Yudong, Haimen, Nantong, 
Jiangsu, 226146 China

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