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Low Impact Textile Dyeing

Sustainability discussions are everywhere.  

People talk about carbon footprint, staff rights, energy saving.

However if we look deeply into textile industry, at the end of day, the huge water waste and pollution by coloring clothing is one of the dirtiest industries. 

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Toxic Water to Ocean

To be faster and cheaper, many dyeing factories moved overseas to countries without strict environmental regulations, resulting in tremendously toxic water with dyeing chemical end in ocean without any environment treatment.

Excessive Usage of Water

If we knew it takes 2,700 liters of water to make just one T-shirt, we won't be surprised 20% of the wastewater on earth is attributed to fashion industry. 

Why Choose Dope Dye Yarn?





LESS Chemical

Carbon Footprint Reduced

Traditional Dye  Use colorant to change color on fabric, massive water needed.

Dope Dye  Take color master batch mix with polymer before weaving to fabric, 3% water only.

The pet product factory like Kazo Pet supplies millions of collars, leashes and harnesses to worldwide every year, which means we use a lot of resources.  To reduce the impact our business has on the environment, we strives to minimize the consumption of waste.  ​Therefore, we adapted new dyeing technique, called Dope dyeing - It's Saving 97% of Water.

Compares to traditional dyeing (add color after fabric made), dope dye adding color pigments directly to raw material.  It not just improves the color fastness, uneven dyeing, plus it's waterless and save the constantly heating to fix the color on fabric.

Why Dope Dye?

Be Part of Sustainable Fashion

Business like IKEA, DECATHLON who support responsible production, introducing Dope Dyeing.

Check all colors with available stock.

Mass Production starts at 120pcs per size per color

If you are small business, we have right fit for you as well.

Send inquiry to

Our partners will get back to you within 2 business days!

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