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Testing Standards

Product Safety is our top priority. 

1. Tensile Strength Test

Test Method: ASTM D5034-09

Result: Sample shall withstands dog's body weight x 7 times without breaking


2. Sudden Impact Test

Unlike traditional tensile test, we do this imitate of large dogs sudden hard pulling or car sudden stop in high speed, ensuring the collar and leash durable enough in any situation.  

Test Method: 

  1. Fix the sample on the test machine tightly.

  2. Put the claimed weight and ensure the sample does not suffer any loading.

  3. Lower the supportive panel automatically to allow free falling of the weight.


Result: Check and report the condition of the whole product, including body and connected part. Product shall be no broken or torn to apart.

Hardware Corrosion Salt Spray Test - dog collar, leash, harness manufacturer.jpg

3. Resistance to Corrosion

Test Method: ASTM B117-16

Result: Sample with metallic coating be exposed in 1% salt fog in 24 hours with no noticeable corrosion, oxidation or visual changes.

Hardware Corrosion Salt Spray Test Result- dog collar, leash, harness manufacturer .JPG
Colorfastness Test - dog collar, leash, harness manufacturer .jpg

4. Colorfastness to Crocking

Test Method: AATCC 116


  • Color Staining Dry - 4.0 minimum

  • Color Staining Wet - 3.5 minimum


5. Colorfastness to Water

Test Method: AATCC 107


  • Color Change - 3.5 minimum

  • Staining onto multi-fiber swatch - 3.0 minimum

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

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